Portable Electric Generator

A good portable electric generator should have a few key features.   There are many factors you need to think about when selecting a portable electric generator:

  • How will you use the generator?
  • Noise level.
  • Fuel effectiveness & run time.
  • Power output quality.
  • Mobility.
  • Starting characteristics.
  • Toughness & quality of craftsmanship.
  • Service and support.

How will you use the portable electric generator?

Generally, applications fall under one of 3 classifications:.

  • House back up (i.e. emergency power).
    Honda’s EU and EM series generators are made to work well with a transfer switch, allowing you to rapidly and quickly power important house devices.
  • Recreational use (RV, camping, tailgating, boating).
    The Super Quiet EU portable electric generators are quiet and easily portable, ideal for the majority of leisure applications.
  • Industrial use (construction and rental). Developed with the construction worker in mind, the  resilient EB generators from Honda satisfy OSHA requirements.

Honda makes generators geared to each of these applications. Nevertheless, because each client has special requirements, you should consider other elements while making a selection.

Sound level of a portable electric generator.

The noise level of your generator is a significant point when you try to  identify the right portable electric generators model.  Lots of areas have sound regulations that could impact generator usage, particularly in the evening. Noisy generators are are also highly unsuitable for many applications: camping, powering outdoor events, and RVing.

Many portable electric generators are labeled with a decibel rating. For every boost in 10 decibels, the sound level is 10 times more powerful. A generator that goes for 70 decibels is 10 times as loud as a generator that performs at 60 decibels.


Honda portable electric generators are renowned for peaceful operation.

The Honda 4-stroke engines are inherently peaceful – not to mention reliable!
Quality craftsmanship in their cosntruction and materials help to keep noise levels low.
Superior technology makes Honda the leaders in peaceful operation.

When you are shopping for portable electric generators, ask for the Honda decibel plan that compares the noise level of Honda generators to typical daily sounds.

For the utmost in quiet performance, Honda Super Quiet EU series generators genuinely meet their name. Thanks to a completely enclosed body and inverter technology, they run at sound levels between 49 and 60 decibels – which is no louder than typical speech.

Honda likewise provides a number of other individual choices that, while not as peaceful as the EU generators, could serve your application at a lower cost.

Fuel effectiveness & run time for portable electric generators.

Look for portable electric generators that are both fuel efficient and have a long run times. Honda generators offer numerous attributes that satisfy this need.

Honda Inverter generators include the Eco-Throttle, which automatically readjusts the engine running rate to match the power needed. This enables optimum fuel effectiveness.

Since the EU portable electric generators are so fuel effective, they flaunt exceptionally long run times – as much as 20 hours on a single tank of gas! Other models, like the  EB, EM, and EG portable electric generators have bigger fuel tanks, so you can run your generator for long periods of time without refilling.

Many Honda EB and EM generators showcase Auto Throttle. Auto Throttle automatically raises the RPM of the generator from idle when the load is applied, and returns the RPM to idle when the load is removed. It assists to increase fuel effectiveness, decrease the noise level, and reduce wear and tear on the generator’s elements.


Power output quality of portable electric generators.

Voltage regulation controls the power output of the generator. Constant power is extremely crucial. Fluctuations in power can cause equipment to shut off or it might even harm the device.

AC Power is illustrated utilizing a sine wave. The smoother the curve, the more steady the power.  Any spikes or “blips” in the curve are caused by a change in the power. These can be bad for both your portable electric generators and the devices being powered.

There are numerous ways to regulate the voltage on portable electric generators, these types are available, but especially the brushless generatot is not suitable to every task:

Brushless generator

Brushless generators are amongst the most common in the industry due to their relatively cheap manufacturing cost. But brushless gnenerators have the least trusted voltage control. Brushless generators can’t respond to an altering load,  and are either producing slightly too low power (a brownout) or too high power. Variations of this nature can trigger equipment damage.


AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) generator

Numerous Honda generators include an Automatic Voltage Regulator, or AVR, created to consistently manage voltage. The AVR keeps the output voltage more consistent, irrespective of the electric load that is demanded. This implies no brownouts or spikes.


DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator) generator

Quite a few Honda generators now offer the brand-new DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator). The DAVR is made to hold the voltage security within a +/- 1 % band during operation. this corresponds with the  U.S. standard  60hz. The DAVR adjustments are driven off the major winding, vs. a sensor winding in conventional AVR systems. Furthermore, the DAVR is safeguarded from overheating by a thermistor.


iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator) generator.

Some Honda generators of the EM and EB Series now provide an unique brand-new Honda technology, the iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator). This includes a digital capacitive discharge ignition, a self tuning regulatory authority guv, an electrical current  transformer applied to the auto throttle and the new DAVR control unit.

iAVR lets the generator run well above its maximum rating for up to 10 seconds to be able to easily start even  high startup amp draw circumstances that would chocke other generator systems. This ensures a constant flow of power despite the load, which translates into protection for delicate equipment and trusted power for you.


CycloConverter generator

Honda’s patented CycloConverter innovation allows you to get cleaner power with less weight. The CycloConverter generator offers the perks of AVR-type generator at a lower size and weight.


Inverter generator.

Inverter portable electric generators produce the cleanest power of all. These units are optimal for delicate electronic devices, such as computers. Inverter portable electric generators offer a variety of other individual advantages, including extremely reduced noise levels, lower weight, and greater fuel efficiency as compared with traditional generator models. Honda revolutionized the use of inverter technology in mobile generators with our Super-Quiet EU series.

Size & convenience of transport.

Consider how you will be storing the portable electric generators and from where to where you will be needing to move it. Try to find:

  • Compact, light-weight models
  • 2 wheel kits, for larger portable electric generators

Ease of starting portable electric generators

All Honda generators are powered by a reliable 4-stroke engine. Honda engines are legendary for being simple to start. An ever lareger number of models provide electric starters that make life even easier.


Durability and quality of workmanship of a portable electric generator.

When selecting a generator, Quality and dependability are vital.  These are the questions that you should ask yourself before buying portable electric generators:

  • Is it well put together? Do the elements look well made? Look inside the generator, if possible, and compare between makers. You will see considerable diffenrences.
  • Exactly what are the materials made from? Are they high quality?
  • Is the maker popular? Exactly what is their reputation? Where is the next service point?

Honda generators have a well made track record for reliablity and sturdiness. Honda products are checked extensively and produced using the very best quality products. Honda generators provide dependable power and keep on running for many years.

Service and support for portable electric generators.

Look for a maker that fully  stands behind their portable electric generators. Because a generator is a significant financial investment. IGood service and parts support are essential for your comfort.

Honda generators are backed by a detailed service warranty and a good dealer network in the country.  With over 2000 authorized Honda dealerships nationwide, finding a regional dealer is simple.  The same goes for parts and service support. Any missing pieces  are readily available across the country.


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